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Best Website Builder for Therapist

If you are a therapist, then it is essential to have a website for you so that potential people who will need your help might find you easily. It is a great start to make a huge impression on your patients. However, a therapist’s websites need to require including certain features that will set it aside from the others. 

Aside from adding features on how to manage the existing clients and their bookings, the website should also permit them to get in touch with just a few buttons. Furthermore, a client section can also be created in a website where they can get access to their private conversations with you, the notes as well as important tips. 

But where to start from while making a high-quality therapy website? When you are in a sensitive specialized field like a therapy practice, it is vital to come across something more credible as a website builder. A high standard website builder will allow you to put a design of your choice without the need to know any programming code or to hire a professional developer. 

Well, to save your precious time, we have tested some of the major website builders and find out the four finest ones to create your official website as a therapist. Read on below to find out which one will fit all your requirement criteria.

Checklists to Look For Before Selecting the Best Website Builder for a Therapist

The internet is full of innumerable website builders that come with a lot of promises to you. But how can you know which is the correct one before spending your hard-earned money on them? So, here is the checklist that you need to look for before making a final decision for the website builder. They are stated as below.

  • User Friendly

This is the most vital factor in deciding a website builder. The builder should include features that can be used by everyone starting from a novice to a professional. 

  • Features for Blogging

If you are thinking of writing an inspirational blog to help your client, then go for a website builder that will offer a platform to circulate all your articles or just random thinking. There is even a better chance for your website to be ranked among the top in the search engines when you publish such genuine thoughts or ideas in it. 

  • Professional-looking templates

The website builders offer numerous templates that are well designed and organized. This makes the therapy website more credible and attractive. Married couples, powerful executives or teenagers, whoever is your client, you should create a website that will speak about your potentiality to the patients on your behalf. 

  • Tools for Local SEO

The website will assist the people nearby you to find your clinic through the search engines if it ranks in the top 10 of the results. Thus the website builder you have chosen should include the needed tools for the local SEO.

  • Advanced features for Getting in Touch

The website builder you have selected should include easy and advanced features to get in touch with your existing and new patients. It can be a contact form, a live chat, or a calendar so that the clients can book their appointments directly. Thus choose wisely the option that will work the best for you.

List of the Best 4 Website Builder for Therapist

Now that you have got a checklist to tick for a while choosing a website builder for a professional therapist, we can move to the detailed review. The details of the best four builders for a therapy website are described below.

  1. Wix

Wix offers more than seven templates that are designed especially for the therapists, psychotherapists, and councilors. The templates are populated with different segments like contact form, bio, space for published research, and many more. This segment will save your time as you do not need to design it separately. 

There is a library of infinite free stock of photos that you can use even if you do not have any of your own. From the choices available, there will be no problem in selecting the one that you will need. The templates are customizable through a drag and drop editor facility to change or remove anything that you do not like. 

There is also a large application market where you can explore any tool that you might need to improve the performance and enhance the appearance of the website. These apps can include anything from the integration of social media accounts to contact forms. 

What features do we like the best in Wix as the website builder for therapists?

  • Wix Documents helps you to download forms via your website.
  • Wix Booking allows the patients to schedule appointments through this. They can also pay online via this feature.
  • SEO Wiz helps to rank your website higher on the search engine results through the personalized SEO plans
  • Artificial Design Intelligence which suggests design options based on the answers given by you to a few questions 
  • Free trial period and plan is available
  • More bandwidth and storage
  • Wix branding can be removed
  • An alternative to creating a customized domain
  • Free registration of a domain name for one year
  • 12 days guarantee of money back policy
  • Complete satisfaction through customer support help
  • Drag and drop editing tools
  1. Weebly

Weebly is one of the most simple website builders that offer more than 60 mobile responsive and free templates. You can pick anyone from the lot which suits your needs and customize it. We would recommend choosing templates with contact forms, maps, and other features that you might require to place in your therapy website. 

The drag and drop editor on the left part of the sidebar allows you to choose from more than 25 elements for the page that can be added to your website for a boosted performance. Weebly let you take total control over the SEO of the website by letting you edit the title, keywords, and description of the web page to enhance your ranking to the top of the search engine results. 

It also includes many advanced features for professional users. The source code of the template can be manually edited by those who have affluent coding knowledge. Thus it offers plenty of freedom in the creative genre to adapt the theme according to your requirements. You can also edit on the go with their mobile application.

What features do we like the most in Weebly as the website builder for therapists?

  • More than 60 number of templates
  • A free plan is available
  • Square Branding can be removed
  • An alternative to connecting to a customized domain
  • Online payment feature
  • 30-day guarantee of money back policy
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Mobile editing available
  1. Site123

Website creation gets easier and simpler with the site123 web building platform that includes an uncluttered and intuitive editor. The templates of site123 include different pages that are related to therapy counseling, and customizations should not be a problem for you. Most of the themes come with services, about us and contact us pages. New pages, too, can be added to the templates to display the certifications you have achieved, the image of your clinic, or services offered at your dispensary.

The entire template collection of site123 is mobile-responsive, which means that the visitor of the website will not have any problem in checking out the whole content on the go. Site123 also offers 24 X 7 customer support through live chat and step by step guide if you are stuck somewhere while designing the website.

Site123 offers blocks to edit a template, thus saving time in the design segment. The website can be connected to Google Analytics and various social media websites through applications in the site123 market. There are also options for eCommerce tools and SEO with the premium plans of site123.

What do we like the best in Site123 as the website builder for the therapist

  • Block for appointment booking where the patients can schedule an appointment
  • Online payment options
  • Customized contact form for the collection of information to reach out to a new and potential patient
  • The feature of Timeline allows you to display your education, licensing, certifications, CV and work history to highlight the biggest achievements
  • 100 plus templates to choose from
  • Removal of site123 branding
  • Access to the application market
  • 14 days of guarantee of money back policy
  • Mobile and user-friendly interface
  1. Squarespace

In Squarespace, the content of the website is arranged in blocks or the editable segments that can be customized with basic images and text, or interesting features like clickable buttons or forms. The drag and drop editor is simple and easy to use anywhere on the website where you want them.

Squarespace offers more than 100 mobile-responsive templates that will look perfect on the device without any requirement to make the adjustments. You can also control the SEO of your website to rank it to the top of the SERPs. Squarespace offers checklists for the SEO to ensure that the users are doing everything to get their website found in the search engines.

If you are planning to write a blog or want to use a platform for your published work, then Squarespace is the name for you as it includes excellent podcasting and blogging features like integration with the Apple Podcasts or Apple News. Squarespace is also a web hosting provider that can host your website on their servers and offers web-based tools for editing to build your portfolio.

All the templates of Squarespace for therapists come with a style editor that allows you to change the fonts, colors, and other features on your website. Changes can also be made to the live website so that the user can see how it is looking.

What do we like the best in Squarespace as the website builder for the therapist

  • Blocks of Google maps can be embedded into a website so that users can easily find or call your clinic
  • Contact forms along with email links and phone number so that visitors can directly message you with just one click
  • Appointments can be scheduled through Acuity Scheduling solution that will allow your patients to book your time directly
  • Calendar for events to highlight the sessions of group therapy or any special events where you are the guest
  • More than 100 templates
  • 14-day free trial option
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • A customized domain can be connected
  • Registration of domain name for free for one year
  • 24 X 7 customer support
  • 12 days of money-back warranty
  • Templates with latest trends
  • Color style editor
  • Options for live changes 

Wrapping it Up

Selecting the best web platform builder is just one of the most important steps in creating, launching, and promoting a therapy practicing website. If you select any one builder from above in our lists, we can guarantee you that your name as a therapist will spread far. I hope the above-mentioned guidance and information will be much helpful to you. But still, if there is any question which is bothering you, then you can write to us. Keep reading for more blogs like this.

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