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Weebly Pricing Plans. Which premium plan is right for you?

Weebly is a popular website builder which is used by around 800,000 users worldwide.

It is know as an easy to use website builder which lets you build decently good looking websites with ease.

Weebly has a total of 5 premium paid plans. In this post, I will compare various plans and help you decide which one is best for you.

Weebly Pricing Plans – Brief OverView

As mentioned before, Weebly offers a total of 5 premium plans. Here are they:

  • Connect
  • Starter
  • Pro
  • Business
  • Business Plus.

On its website, Weebly categorizes Connect, Starter and Pro as Website Plans and Business, Business Plus under E-commerce Plan.

Connect Domain is the cheapest plan at $4/ month while Business Plus is costliest at $35/ month. One must note that these are annual prices. If you plan to pay month on month, you can expect the monthly price to increase by 40%.

Yes , you read that right, Weebly monthly plans are 40% more expensive than the Annual plans.

PlanPricing (paid monthly)Pricing (paid annually)

Here is a list of Website Plans. The price mentioned is Annual.

Here is a list of Ecommerce Plans. The price mentioned is Annual.

Weebly displays all available plans only when you are logged into your account. For example, as of now Weebly does not display the Starter plan on the website, however when you login, you are presented with all plans.

Here is the screenshot I get when I try to upgrade my Weebly website

In the next section I will discuss every pricing plans in detail and explain which plan is right for you.

Weebly Pricing Plans.

. Lets have a look at every Weebly pricing plan in detail.

1. Connect Domain ($4 / Month)

Connect Domain is the cheapest paid plan offered by Weebly.

It costs $4 per month if paid annually. The price shoots up to $8/month if you opt for monthly payment.

Connect Domain Plan Summary


Use your own domain

As you can see, the Connect plan allows you to connect you own domain to your website. It offers free SSL certificate and basic marketing tools.

Ads Free?

Even though this plans costs $48/ year, it does not remove Weebly branding from your website. So even tough you are paying, you are advertising the fact that you have used Square / Weebly for your website.

In my opinion, this plan is beneficial only and only if you are creating a temporary website or creating a website for short term.

Say for example you are creating a website for a school / college event and dont plan to keep the site online for more than 3-4 months. If its a temporary website, you might be OK with Weebly branding.

However, If you are planning to build a business website then I would suggest to stay away from this plan. Business websites must exude professionalism and trust.

Bandwidth and Storage

There are no bandwidth limit with this plan. However there is a storage limit of 500 MB. Also there is no shopping cart feature with this plan.

Marketing , Ecommerce, Membership tools

This plan does not come with Marketing, Membership or Ecommerce tools.

Recommended for

The connect plan is recommended for websites which are built for short term and for temporary purpose. Example, School / College Events, Business events etc.

I will Not recommended the connect plan for professional / business websites.

2. Weebly Starter Plan ($8 / Month)

Starter plan costs $8 per month if paid annually. It costs $14/month if paid monthly.

Starter Plan Summary


Ad Free?

If you want a professional looking website then starter plan can be a good fit. It lets you remove Weebly branding and offers a free domain for one year.

Bandwidth and Storage

The starter plan comes with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. This is an important feature if your website receives a lot of traffic.

It also offers Advanced Site statistics. It can be a useful feature if you are not comfortable with Google analytics.


The E-commerce functionality included in this plan is very basic. It lets you add upto 10 products with no support for inventory management.

Paypal is not available and you can process payments only via Stripe or Square. Weebly also charges a transaction fee of 3% on top of payment gateway processing fees.

Marketing Tools

There are lead capture forms avilable, however additional marketing tools are only available in higher plans.

Starter plan also offers 100 USD in Google ad words credits. This is available in every plan from the starter plan and above

Recommended for

The starter plan is recommend for creating business websites.

There is no Weebly branding and it offers everything which you need for a good looking and functional business website.

The E-commerce functionality in Starter Plan is extremely limited to the point of being unusable. I will not recommend starter plan if you plan to run an online store.

3. Weebly Pro Plan ($12/month)

Pro plan costs $12 per month if paid annually. It costs $18/month if paid monthly.

The Pro plan covers everything available in the Starter plan. In addition to that, it offers a few additional features.

Weebly Pro Plan Summary


Site Features

The pro plan offers a variety of additional features which are useful for creating a content-heavy website. It offers feature like:

  • Advanced Search
  • Native HD Video Player
  • Video Backgrounds

As mentioned before, the above feature can be very useful if you plan to make a large and content-rich website. Another thing to note is that since Weebly offers Unlimited storage, you can upload high def videos and display them on your website.

Membership Module:

The Pro plan offers a membership module which can be used to create a basic membership websites. Here are the features:

  • Add upto 100 members
  • Password protect content
  • No self registration by members.

There can be a variety of use cases for the membership feature. For example, you can create password-protected video content which is only available to the members.

However, membership registration is disabled, it means that the users cannot register themselves as a member under this plan. If you want to add a member, you will have to do it yourself.

If you find the membership feature limited, then you can search the app store for a full-fledged membership app.

A quick search shows that there are a couple of membership apps available in the app store. Pls, note that there will be additional costs associated with the third-party apps.

Ecommerce Features:

The E-commerce functionality included in this plan is similar to the Starter Plan. Here are the features:

  • Add upto 25 products
  • 3% transaction fees
  • No Paypal Support
  • Important features like Inventory management are not included.

The Pro Plan customers are Eligible for Phone Support. So if you prefer talking to support reps in person, you might want to upgrade to. this plan.

Recommended for:

Creating Video-Based Membership Websites / Content Rich Business Websites

The Pro plan is a good choice if you plan to create a membership website. The included HD video player will let you create Video content. Combining HD video content with a membership app can create a fully-fledged membership website.

The Phone support included in this plan can be beneficial if you prefer getting support over phone.

The e-commerce functionality is still limited, Pro plan is NOT recommended if you plan to create an Online Store.

4. Weebly Business Plan ($25/month)

Business plan costs $25 per month if paid annually. It costs $35/month if paid monthly.

Weebly Business Plan Summary


Ecommerce Features

The Business plan offers various features to run a small to mid sized Ecommerce operations.

Here is a list of Ecommerce features available in the business plan.

  • Add unlimited products for sale.
  • Inventory Manager
  • Sell Digital Products
  • Product display tools like Product Badges and Product Reviews
  • Marketing tools like Popups Notifications, Coupons and Gift Cards
  • Integrated Shipping features
  • 0 % Transaction fees
  • Accept Payments via Paypal

If you want to do ecommerce with Weebly, then you must choose the Business plan and above. It has various features which are essential for running an Ecommerce store.

It lets you add unlimited products and offers integrated Shipping solutions like Shipping Calculator, Shipping Labels and shipping discounts.

You can also accept payments via PayPal. Weebly does not charge any transaction fees for customers on the Business plan.

It also supports selling of Digital products

MemberShip Features

The Business plan also offers a full functional membership feature. There is no limit to the number of members and Member Registration is enabled.

Customer Support

Business Plan customers are eligible for Phone and Priority support.

If you hate waiting in the queues then you will find Priority support God Send. Priority Support simply means that if you submit a query then your support tickets or support calls are automatically pushed to the front.

So if you are on the Business plan, then it ensures that your queries always receive priority over other Weebly users.

Recommended For:

Running a Mid Sized Ecommerce Store

The business plan is recommend if you plan to run a small or medium sized eCommerce store using Weebly. With features like Inventory Management, Product Options, Coupons and integrated Facebook ads, it will help you in managing your store. You can also sell digital products with the business plan

The business plan supports member registration and it lets you support unlimited members. If you want to run a membership website, then you can go with Business plan.

5. Business Plus Plan ($38/month)

Business Plus plan costs $38 per month if paid annually. It costs $46/month if paid monthly.

The Business plus is the costliest premium plan offered by Weebly. It offers additional E commerce features like Real Time Shipping Rates, Gift Cards and Abandoned cart emails.

Ecommerce Features

The Business Plus plan is best suited for high volume merchants. It offer additional features suited for large stores.

  • All features for Business Plan +
  • Abandoned Cart Email
  • Email marketing
  • Real Time Shipping

Features like Abandoned cart recovery is a reason enough to upgrade. The abandoned cart emails have some of the highest conversion rates. So if you are high volume store, abandoned cart emails are a must.

Recommended for:

High Volume E commerce Store

The Business Plus plan offers features which are useful for a store doing high volume. Feature like Abandoned cart , Rreal time shipping and email marketing are must have for high volume merchants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions regarding Weebly Pricing. If you have a specific questions pls feel free to ask in the comments.

1. Does Weebly offer a money back guarantee?

Weebly offers a 30 day money back guarantee. It means that in case you are unhappy for any reason and you end up cancelling within first 30 days, you will get a full refund.

2. Does Weebly offer a free plan?

Yes Weebly offers a free plan. However I find the free plan quite useless. It wont let you connect you own domain to your website. Also Wix inserts huge ads on website made with free plan. You can try free plan to get a feel of features and Wix capability, but if you want a professional online presence, you will definitely need to upgrade.

3. Should you subscribe to monthly plan or annual plan?

Weebly plans are available in 2 payment modes, Annual or Monthly. You are free to select between Annual or Monthly plans.

However the price difference in Monthly and Annual Plans are significant.

For example the the Monthly Pro plan costs 50% more than the Annual Pro plan. Similarly the Monthly business plan costs 50% more than the Annual Business plan. Refer to the following screenshot

The annual plans are priced much more effectively. There also perks like Free domain and free google credits. Paying for an annual plan can result in significant costs savings.

Refer to the screenshot

4. What are the Domain Name costs?

Weebly offer free domain for 1 year with all the annual plans. However you must understand that after the first year, you’ll need pay for domain renewal fees. With Weebly the annual renewal fee is $19.95 per year. This is pricier when compared to domain registrars like Name cheap, where the domain renewal fee is around $10 per year. However in my opinion this is not really not a significant cost for a business.

5. How to get Personalized Email Address?

Weebly does not offer a native mailbox solution. Weebly has partnered with Google and it offers Business Mailboxes through G Suite. G Suite is a collection of business apps which includes Email, Chat App, Docs, Spreadsheet etc. If you have used Gmail, then you will feel at home with G Suite.

6. What about Email Marketing?

Weebly offers Email Marketing through Weebly Promote.

It is the email marketing solution built by Weebly. It has a a similar interface to weebly site editor and integrates tightly with Weebly. For example you Weebly contacts are automatically synced to your email list.

Promote can be a great choice for small business owners who do not want the hassle of managing multiple tools like Mailchimp.

Summary and Conclusion

If you want a good looking website with a basic blog and a basic shop, then Weebly can be a good choice. Its editor is user friendly and themes are decent looking. It is also possible to hire a designer and get a custom theme made for your Weebly website. Platforms like Weebly have made beautiful online presence within reach of every small business.

If you just want a website, I recommend going with the StarterPlan, as it can be sufficient for a decent business website. For E-commerce users who sell goods and service online I recommend starting with the Business Plan.

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