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Wix Church Website Templates

Wix is a versatile website builder. It is ideally suited for building church websites. Features like Events, Booking, Google Map integration make it perfect for creating a church website on a budget.

Well, Wix offers one more things which makes it stand out as a church website builder.

A great collection of Church specific templates.

In this post I will share 10 beautiful and functional templates which can be used to create a perfect church website.

Awesome Wix Church Templates

1. Catholic Church Template

This theme is perfect for religious congregations, spiritual centers, and churches. You can create a superb online presence of a community with this colorful and inspirational template. Add and edit details about the staff members, events, schedules, sermons, and many more in this template. You can also insert a blog to engage more members by giving them updated news about the church.

Template Features and Information

  • The template is fully engaging and responsive
  • Scheduled calendar
  • Event organizer
  • Live or recorded podcast
  • Clear Options for the panel
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Online booking for services
  • Sacraments and ministries can be added
  • Distinguishing styles and formatting 

2. Church Template

Create a website for your church and religious communities with this attractive template. Combine this engaging and fun template with the church’s activities along with religious values, retreats, and faith studies. Thus start editing the template today and create an outstanding website to spread God’s words.

Template Features and Information

  • Online donations for the church
  • Strong framework
  • Services page
  • Event organizer
  • Preview of the edited pages
  • Customized page background
  • Interactive elements like slideshows
  • Choirs and videos can be uploaded
  • Pre-designed pages and blocks

3. Traditional Church Template

This user-friendly template creates a mind-blowing online presence for a church, religious congregation, and Christian organization. The mission and values can easily be shared through this template. Inform the congregants about the philanthropic activities and upcoming events via your website. It’s simple design communicates the messages of the priests to the entire generation.

Template Features and Information

  • Option for saving the customized design
  • A private account of the member can be added
  • Event calendar with timer
  • Custom widgets
  • Share the sermons or the live podcasts on the blog
  • Can create 100 of dynamic pages
  • Google Map facility
  • Simple panel option
  • Social media integration

4. Community Church Template

The community church template creates a fully responsive and clean website for the social communities, church communities, and churches. The highlighting of the text and formatting allows you enough room to offer in-depth descriptions of your ministries, services, and histories. So begin editing now to publish your website today!

Template Features and Information

  • Join us section to notify the worship times
  • Fundraiser programs 
  • Separate sections for sermons, pastors and the church
  • Events to display upcoming worships
  • Online donations
  • Dragging horizontal menu
  • Free media from Shutterstock and Wix
  • Customized alignments for the elements
  • Animation can be inserted

5. Church Site Template

The church site is ideal for designing a website for the church, community centers, and religious organizations. Through the church site template, you can establish a strong online presence by taking advantage of its features. You can focus on your message with abundance in space for the text in this theme. Uploading photos of the Sunday community service can also be done here. Customize the design and color of the template background to express the spirit of the religion.

Template Features and Information

  • User-friendly and responsive design
  • Multiple layouts for describing the mission, services, and beliefs of the church
  • Simple and easy to operate admin panel
  • Section of the recent week sermon
  • Subscription for the members
  • Relief fund and donation set up a facility
  • Events like bible reading
  • Latest news segment
  • Mobile friendly outline

6. Online Church Template

This template is the only one present in Wix that is meant for the online groups, and online churches. Through uploading a video, you can offer a variety of classes, sermons, services, and podcasts organized by numerous channels. You can also add an engaging description of what the website is for. Donation buttons can be connected to boost the support of different groups.

Template Features and Information

  • Gridline settings
  • Layered panel
  • Easy arrangement of the elements with the guiding lines
  • Toolbar to position, resize and alignment adjustment
  • Wix SEO wizard
  • Profession icon 
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for easy tracking
  • Mobile friendly 
  • Image sharpening for professional images

7. Bible Camp Template

The Bible camp template is perfect for religious communities organizing spiritual summer camps and faith-related programs. You can, in fact,link your Social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter directly to the website with this template. It will showcase the activities of the camp life to the children, parents, and the corresponding volunteers. Also, reap benefits of the ability to edit the forms for registration and donation to keep the camping community involved and connected.

Template Features and Information

  • Separate layouts to edit the home page information
  • Separate member area
  • Member’s sign up form
  • Easy Import of the Demo
  • A blog that is connected to the website
  • Customized contact us form
  • Unlimited number of customized widgets and applications
  • Copyright-free videos and images to be used
  • Pricing plans for the membership

8. Urban Church Template

This template helps to create an astounding online presence for the churches, religious congregations, and Christian organizations. The simple and warm design of this template connects with all generations. The large image gallery offers a big window into the sacred worship center. This is a fine way to share the values and missions of your church, along with informing the congregants about the upcoming philanthropic events and initiatives.

Template Features and Information

  • Large image gallery
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Strong panel with unlimited options
  • Information about staff members of the church
  • Customized forms for contact us, payment, donations
  • Wix chat facility
  • Google Maps
  • Unlimited access to widgets and apps
  • Blog feature to be connected to the website

9. Christmas Boutique Template

The template of the Christmas boutique is ideal for creating a shopping website to celebrate the festive spirit of the Christmas parties, special events, and holiday celebrations. This is one of the attractive Christian templates with E-commerce features. You can organize your merchandise and products online into various categories, highlight the unbelievable discounts, sales, and special deals. In this template, you can also easily add the prices and images for each product. So hurry, start editing and sell your Christmas merchandise today. 

Template Features and Information

  • Beautiful galleries for the products
  • Numerous payment options
  • Efficient management of the inventories
  • Mobile-optimized store
  • Powerful tools for SEO
  • Add an embedded element like HTML iFrame or Flash
  • Customized forms for contact us and donation
  • Social media sharing
  • Photo studio and video maker

10. Christmas Music Band Template

A Christmas service or a party is incomplete without a music band. As a musician, it is easy to design this template. Celebrate the holiday spirit using this template where you can upload your music and tunes to the Wix Music. So are you ready to make others groove to your Christmas tunes online? If yes, then this is the right one for you if you are a Christmas musician, songwriter, singer, and have a holiday music band. 

Template Features and Information

  • Easy layout to update your playlist
  • Easy import of the demo
  • Powerful applications for enhancing the visitors
  • Different categories for the blog
  • Space to upload YouTube videos
  • RSVP to let the audience know about the music tours
  • Social media account integration
  • Live Wix chat support for assistance
  • Customized contact us form

11. The Girls’ Choir Template

Give your choir of girls’ gang an online identification with this template in Wix. Customize the template to express the free spirit nature of the community groups, choirs, and Christian schools. You can also add some advertisements to promote the upcoming performances of the group. Craft a musical and vibrant website that will be in harmony with the sound you create.

Template Features and Information

  • Publish a website in multiple languages
  • Button to hire the choir
  • Separate section for Join us to add members to the choir
  • Features for adding a detailed playlist
  • Events for adding performances
  • Personalized contact us form
  • Online booking feature
  • Notifications through newsletters
  • Interactive slideshow element


After carefully analyzing all your requirements, choose a church template wisely from the Wix. To create a professional-looking, attention-grabbing, and mobile-ready website, you can select any of these themes. That is all for today. Thanks for reading!

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