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Best WordPress Themes for Churches

Church websites should be a bit unique, looking, and offer a kind of peaceful-looking design. Hence regular website templates or themes will not work with them. But finding such templates is one of the most difficult things, and if you are also stuck into such an issue, then do follow this post till the end, as here we are going to have a look at some of the best church website templates that you can use easily. 

Best Church Website Templates: 

Here is the list of Best Church Website templates hand-picked for you: 

  1. Church- WordPress: 
Best Church Website Template

Church WordPress website template is one such option for all those who don’t want to get into the programming stuff, as they would be able to manage this extremely beautiful and responsive template efficiently. The most significant advantage of this Church website template is that you can easily manage all the related events in a church. 

Theme features & info: 

  • Easy newsletter setup availability 
  • SEO friendly theme package 
  • One-click installation 
  • Event calendar support 
  • Amazing animations with better speed 
  • Shortcode generator for integrations 

Build a Website with Church-WordPress

  1. Our Church- WordPress Church Theme: 
Best Church Website Template

If you are finding a responsive website theme for the Church website, then Our Church- WordPress Church Theme is the most appropriate option for you. It comes with numerous features and is specially designed for NGOs and non-profitable work-related websites. The overall graphical and animation used with the theme is perfect; the developers have made the theme with an impressive blend of all the available factors. 

Theme features & info: 

  • Easy to set up and customize 
  • Thousands of customization options 
  • Latest Bootstrap integration 
  • Impressive responsiveness 
  • Great page builder support 
  • Premium design

Build a Website with Our Church- WordPress Church Theme

  1. Chapel- Church Theme: 
Best Church Website Template

Are you trying to give a modern look to your Church website? If yes, then the Chapel- Church theme is specially designed for you. The developers of this theme have added various layouts from which you can select the best layout for your website and hence can customize or make changes in it on your own. Moreover, you will never find anything unnecessary within the theme, and it gives a clean look to it. 

Theme features & info: 

  • No coding knowledge required for setup or usage 
  • Admin panel is easy to use 
  • One-click template import option 
  • Highly-customizable 
  • Social media integrations available 
  • Video buttons supported 
  • Search bar option available within the theme 

Build a Website with the Chapel- Church Theme

  1. Vestry- Church Template: 
Best Church Website Template

Here we have our next best church website template option, and that is Vestry that comes with the support of numerous functionalities and integrations. Within the theme, you would be able to get already set up pages such as About Us, Community, Mission, Donation, Events, and all other such essential pages for a Church website. 

Theme features & info: 

  • In-built pages 
  • Thousands of integrations 
  • Premium plugins support
  • Events manager 
  • Responsive theme 
  • Wide-range of applications support
  • Compatible with numerous softwares

Build a Website with Vestry- Church Template

  1. Zegen- Church WordPress Template: 
Best Church Website Template

With a simple and easy to use drag & drop feature, the next Church website template is Zegen. This is an exceptionally flexible option with the help of which you can get several options and features, hence enhancing your Church website to look and perform well with the users. It has the support of Elementor for the front-end development of your website. 

Theme features & info: 

  • A large number of animations and icons available 
  • Contact forms supported 
  • One-click demo installation 
  • Completely responsive with an impressive output 
  • Millions of layout to choose from 
  • Number of customization features available 
  • Clean look
  • Visual composer supported 
  • Regular updates 

Build a Website with Zegen- Church WordPress Template

  1. HolyCross- Church WordPress Theme: 
Best Church Website Template

Managing the proper speed of your Church website is a difficult task for many people out there, but with the help of HolyCross- Church WordPress theme, you would be able to develop a responsive website that will never generate any lags during the website usage. Not only that, you can manage your donations, events, and other such things easily. 

Theme features & info: 

  • Easily create personalized elements using shortcodes 
  • Supports WooCommerce for eCommerce site development 
  • Optimized according to latest website requirements 
  • Multiple types of posts are supported 
  • Exceptional functionality available 

Build a Website with HolyCross- Church WordPress Theme

  1. Life Churches-Church Website Template: 
Best Church Website Template

Here we have a traditional Church website template, and if you were trying to find something under the traditional section, then Life Churches is the best available option for you. One of the most significant advantages of using this template is that you would be able to get support for handling audio and video files. 

Theme features & info: 

  • One-click installation available for easy usage 
  • Visual composer available within the package 
  • Compatible with bootstrap 
  • eCommerce website development services available 
  • Impressive Google font support 
  • Enhanced main menu 

Build a Website with Life Churches-Church Website Template

  1. Ichthys- Church Website Template: 
Best Church Website Template

The next option in the list of best church website templates is Ichthys, with the help of giving a natural feel to your website’s visitors. It comes with a perfect blend of traditional and modern website features. Hence the visitors take advantage of easy to use and navigation features of this website template. 

Theme features & info: 

  • Offers better accessibility 
  • Vast support of google fonts 
  • Regular updates 
  • High-speed optimization available 
  • Easy to use 
  • Supports various file formats such as music, videos and more
  • One-click installation process 

Build a Website with Ichthys- Church Website Template

  1. Hallelujah- Church & Religion Website Template: 
Best Church Website Template

At the 9th option, we have Hallelujah, a specially designed website template for church and religious websites, and this will help your website provide a holy look. Moreover, this template offers impressive color combinations that make the visitors feel good, and hence it comes with various high-quality integrations. 

Theme features & info: 

  • Well-built pages 
  • Easy to set up
  • Offers faster operations 
  • Color combinations are impressive 
  • Numerous customization features 

Build a Website with Hallelujah- Church & Religion Website Template

  1. Deborah- Church Theme: 
Best Church Website Template

Deborah is considered as one of the best Church website templates because it comes with impressive features that you will never find in any of the options mentioned above, and that is disabilities friendly. By using this website template option, you can provide easy access to all those who are disabled in a way or two.

Theme features & info: 

  • Easy accessibility 
  • Disabilities friendly 
  • SEO optimized 
  • Highly responsive 
  • Overall structure looks great. 

Build a Website with Deborah- Church Theme 

  1. Exodos Church Website Template: 
Best Church Website Template

The next option in the list of best church website templates is Exodos and it is an easy to use, modern and clean looking web template. Within the package you would be able to get well-built 5 pages that can be used directly by your website, you just need to make a few changes only. 

Theme features & info:

  • Unlimited sliding option available 
  • Easy to use 
  • Search Engine Optimised 
  • Modern looking 

Build a Website with Exodos Church Website Template 

  1. Real Church Responsive Website Template: 
Best Church Website Template

Here we have one of the most popular and powerful church website templates for your church website. With the help of this specific option you would be able to generate a great looking website that will work with great speed. 

Theme features & info: 

  • Retina output 
  • Compatible with e-commerce features
  • Plenty of color options
  • High-quality fonts support 

Build a Website with Real Church Website Template

  1. Belief Church Website Template: 
Best Church Website Template

The next option is a specially designed template that will build high-end websites and give an exceptionally impressive look to your church website. Moreover this template will offer your website a premium look.

Theme features & info: 

  • Responsive design 
  • Social media integrations 
  • Default comments section 
  • Extensive backend for better control

Build a Website with Belief Church Website Template 

  1. Churhius- Church Religion Website Template: 
Best Church Website Template

Here we have an effective website template for your church website with the help of which you would be able to offer a peaceful look to your site visitors or users.

Theme features & info: 

  • Peaceful look 
  • Modern features support 
  • Enhances speed 

Build a Website with Churhius Church Religion Website Template

  1. Candidate Church Website Template:
Best Church Website Template

This is the final option in the list of best church website templates which is Candidate Church website template. Hence this is a perfect option for your non-profitable church website option. 

Theme features & info: 

  • Social media integrations available 
  • E-commerce features support
  • Responsive design 

Build a Website with Candidate Church Website Template


Here we have come to the end of our post, and we are sure that with the help of the list mentioned above for best church website templates, you would be able to select the most appropriate option for yourself. Although we suggest, you have a look at all your requirements before finalizing one website template for your Church website.

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