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Wix Restaurant Website Templates

If only a few people know about your high quality and tasty food, then your restaurant business might not be running well and is not making much profit as you must have foreseen. It is always important to have an exclusively online presence of your business. This will create interests among the customers and attract them more.

For recent prospective restaurateurs, it is not different. However, if you are an expert only in cooking techniques and creating a mind-blowing dining environment for your customers,  then you might surely need some help in designing a restaurant website.

Wix is one of the leading website builders for restaurant owners as it is simple to use and comes with more than 20 niche templates.

It also has a generous free plan. Therefore, in this article, I am going to discuss each of these templates in detail to generate a perfect restaurant website.

The finest Wix Restaurant Website Templates

  1. Indian Restaurant Template

This template is perfect for those people who own an authentic bar, cafes, or restaurants. It offers eye-catchy topography, different visual richness, and smaller images of the foods that make it ideal for every type of user. Also, this template includes everything that one will need to sell their services online, like reservation and delivery widgets, apps, editable menu, and more.

Template Information and Features

  • Bold implementation of the colors
  • Interesting design
  • The eclectic and minimalist layout
  • Fully customized menu option
  • Upload the pictures and videos of your food
  • Online reservation widget
  1. Japanese Restaurant Template

You can gorge your eyes on this stylish template that is ideal for the chefs, restaurants, culinary businesses, and cafes. The owners can add their unique menu directly to the website to give an idea to your customers about what is coming towards them. With this Wix restaurant themed template, it is simple and easy to organize your culinary business online.  

Template Information and Features

  • Understandable and sophisticated design
  • Ideal for Japanese cuisines
  • Stark theme
  • Washed out color combinations
  • Textured backgrounds
  • Unlimited option to upload images and videos
  1. Halal Food Restaurant Template

This is one of the most traditional, authentic, and certified templates for the Middle Eastern and halal food restaurants and cafes. If your restaurant falls under this category, then this is the ideal template to attract customers. Easily personalizing the menu, allowing booking a table online, or uploading the menu for online ordering are some of the things that you can do on your website created through this template.

Template Information and Features

  • Modern and fresh design
  • Perfect embedding codes
  • Finely polished template
  • Easy to edit the layout
  • Simple uploading of videos, images, and content
  • Proper use of the gallery
  1. Catering Co Template

Show off your techniques and delectable dishes in style with this elegant customized theme. The chef, restaurant owners, and catering companies can use this template for creating their website. The template comes with ample space to upload multiple photos and menus. So begin editing catering Co and show off your culinary skills to the world.

Template Information and Features

  • Attractive and simple to handle
  • Separate event webpage
  • Categorize the services
  • Apps for online ordering
  • Webpage for client testimonial
  • Free stock images and Wix illustrations
  1. Burger Corner Template

With retro vibes and stunning color combinations, this template is perfect for diners, hamburger restaurants, and cafes. You can edit the menu with mouth-watering dishes and personalize the texts so that the customers know where to get these delicacies. You can also take orders directly from the website and deliver them to the doorstep of the customers. So start scrolling this template to create an online presence of your business.

Template Information and Features

  • Goes perfectly well with the joint burger design
  • Complete and interesting layout
  • Different themed style and iconic buttons for call to action
  • Text buttons for a call or contact us
  • Directly download the menu with the document buttons
  • Online delivery app
  1. French Cuisine Template

If you are a proprietor of a restaurant, catering services, bistros, and cafes that deals with the French cuisines, then say Bonjour to this template. This elegant template design reflects the sophistication of the French culinary and culture. You can customize the homepage to reflect the opening hours of your business, or create French styled features for your website. So hurry now and start designing a mouth-watering website to attract customers flowing through the doors.

Template Information and Features

  • Casual and chic design
  • Rich earthy color combinations
  • Homeliness background
  • Straightforward theme
  • Apps and web pages can be added
  • Different shapes and arrows to customize the pages
  1. Mexican Taqueria Template

This lively template is for Mexican restaurants, bars, and cafes. Attract the customers to try your food by customizing the easy menu feature. Cute illustrations, bright colors, parallax scrolling, and many more are some of the benefits of this template through which you can wow your customers.

Template Information and Features

  • Colorful and vibrant design
  • Unique elements, colors, and texture for designing
  • Upload favorite music through iTunes
  • Slider and grid galleries for the photos
  • Slideshow of the images
  • 360-degree touring apps
  1. Vietnamese Restaurant Template

Delicate graphics of the background and oriental patterns makes this template great for the Vietnamese café and restaurant owners. It is also perfect for people who are associated with Vietnamese catering services. The striking yet minimal layout of this template permits the user to create a sophisticated website via decorated text formats and coast to coast images. 

Template Information and Features

  • App for ordering online
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Engaging template
  • Different themed text, paragraphs, and titles
  • Innumerable free images from Wix
  • Add the logo of the restaurant
  1. Sushi Restaurant Template

Japanese cuisines are gaining rapid popularity all over the world, especially sushi. Thus if you are selling this dish at your café, restaurant, and bistros, then I would recommend this template for you. It helps to set your online restaurant website apart due to its elegant design and eastern culture-oriented background. 

Template Information and Features

  • Well crafted and unique design
  • Separate order and menu pages
  • Online ordering app
  • Different style videos display
  • Full-width slideshows
  • Lightboxes for promotions and subscriptions
  1. Vegetarian Restaurant Template

This template is a favorite one for those who own a bistro, café, and restaurant and serve fresh vegetarian dishes at their outlet. The easy to edit template can effortlessly attract customers from all around the world. Just click edit and watch the growth of your restaurant overnight.

Template Information and Features

  • Classy and elegant colors
  • Earthy tones such as green, brown and gold
  • Out of the box features
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Pre-installed layouts for pages like about us, welcome, and services
  • Attractive grids and lists 
  1. Vegan Restaurant Template

If your restaurants, cafes, or chefs deal with a health-conscious, natural, and fresh vegan menu, then this stunning and easily customizable template will be great for you. Upload the menu of your restaurant and photos of its ambiance to draw in more customers. So start editing to create your perfect vegan website today.

 Template Information and Features

  • Highlight the main aspects of the website
  • Beautiful images to choose from
  • Music players form Wix, Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes
  • Horizontal, anchor or vertical menu system
  • Social integration of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter Vk and more
  • Customized forms for contact us, payment and job applications
  1. Fish and Seafood Restaurant Template

If you know the significance of sustainable and healthy cooking and want to display a hip and cool vibe on your website, then this template is perfect for your needs. The restaurant owners, culinary specialists, and chefs can create an aesthetic design and features that are needed to establish a business online. Share the booked tables, menus, and telephone numbers for online delivery on your website to enhance the customer base.

Template Information and Features

  • Simple and elegant theme
  • Navy blue and beige color combinations
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Feature to upload detail menu of seafood
  • Full-width Google maps for customer assistance
  • Live online chatting support through Wix chat
  1. Asian Restaurant Template

This traditional Asian Restaurant Template offers warm heart and unbelievable delicacies for Asian restaurants, fast food outlets, and cafes. It has never been so easy to manage and upload new menus and dishes. You can alter the prices, upload pictures of the café and customers, and personalize the description of all the dishes. 

Template Information and Features

  • Reservation widget for a hassle-free table booking
  • Display of large images
  • Eye-catching and Asian culture inspired theme
  • Minimalist design
  • Full-screen menu
  • Unlimited features and apps
  1. Mexican Restaurant Template

Fusing traditional with modern, this homely and warm template is ideal for any Mexican themed restaurants, bars, and cafes. Tempt the potential customers to your restaurant by updating the menu from time to time and uploading images of the delicious dishes. So, begin editing the template to generate an impressive and spicy Mexican website.

Template Information and Features

  • Classy and clean design
  • Exciting elements for web designing
  • Excellent for blog writing
  • Image is the hero of this template
  • Interlinking of the web pages like reservation and menu
  • Mustard and maroon color combination
  1. Restaurant Site Template

Grab immediate attention from the food lovers all over the world with a dynamic layout template for the restaurant, bakery, and café owners. A website with a tantalizing background, along with a delicious menu, is the ideal place to display your extravagant creations. Customize the design and the color scheme to represent the best dining experience to your customer.

Template Information and Features

  • Beautiful and simple design
  • Static image background
  • Vertical content bar on the homepage
  • Online reservations through widgets
  • Elegant and simple theme
  • Embed through HTML iFrame and Flash SWF
  1. Poke Delivery Template

If you want to offer a lot more than you are currently offering right now, then this trendy and the fresh template is just for you. All the café, restaurant, and culinary business owners are sharing the exclusive menus, Instagram accounts, catering and delivery services, and many more through this theme. A website with all these outstanding features will compel people to order your cuisines online.

Template Information and Features

  • Easy to manage the content of the website
  • Customized forms for contact us and online ordering
  • Information from the website visitors
  • Share your cooking experience through blog
  • A personalized and single layout
  • Classify the blog according to categories and tags
  1. Fast Food Delivery

This template is perfect for creating a website for the restaurants, culinary business owners, and cafes. The theme is as instantaneous and professional, just like your service. Simply offer a grand introduction of your business through this trendy and engaging design. Add the social media accounts of the business, and update your menu to begin selling your dishes online. 

Template Information and Features

  • Stunning design and layout
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Add every dish you want to sell 
  • Easy set up of the payment method
  • Payment through a secured gateway of PayPal
  • Live streaming facility from YouTube and Instagram
  1. Steakhouse Template

If you are a steakhouse, café, or restaurant owner, then express the exclusive surroundings of your traditional and rustic steakhouse through this template. With a simple to update menu, your website can be the best place for the hungry diners to browse and book reservations accordingly. To get their stomach rumbling, simply upload the images of your tasty dishes.

Template Information and Features

  • Impressive sliders for the text
  • Translate the website to multiple languages
  • News section for the latest information
  • Animated button feature
  • Live Instagram feed 
  • Large photo and video gallery
  1. Food Truck Template

Through the Food Truck template, your culinary business can always be on the run. This food-centric theme is a perfect choice for the busy food truck, chefs, and catering companies’ owners for a cool internet presence. Let your potential customers know when and where they can order their favorite dish and at what time. Share important details about your business like the menu, working time, and many more on your website. 

 Template Information and Features

  • Sync Instagram account for instant upload
  • Display HD and ad-free videos
  • Stream podcasts of your cooking sessions
  • Slideshow of photos, videos, and testimonials
  • Video ads in simple steps
  • The searching option of the website
  1. Pizza Delivery Template

A trendy café, restaurant, or a bar requires a trendy website. This theme is a perfect combination of chic and modern design. It is ideal for many upcoming pizza joints to compete against the biggest competitors online. You can easily edit, add, and organize the menu items beginning from the starters, main course, to the dessert with just a click. 

 Template Information and Features

  • Live social media streaming
  • The comment box in a blog post for direct interaction with the customers
  • Like pop up from Facebook
  • Shared gallery to allow the customers to share their photos on the website
  • A menu can be downloaded in the PDF format
  • Google AdSense to increase the ROI
  1. Italian Cuisine Template

If your café, catering company or restaurant deals with Italian cuisine, then this fun and the fresh template is just for you. Keeping in mind the design of the restaurants, this theme is apt for all your business needs to create an online statement. Use apps and widgets to accept online reservations, orders, and deliveries. So begin gorging on the website to handle big orders of pasta and pizzas.

 Template Information and Features

  • Online payment of the orders
  • PayPal payment gateway
  • Live chat through Tidio
  • Online bookings for weddings
  • Email reminders for the schedules
  • Pricing of each item displayed clearly
  1. Italian Restaurant Template

A stylish and graceful website to represent a modern-day Italian bar, restaurant, and café. Alter the color scheme and layout to reflect your style of statement. Show your culinary skills through the enlarged gallery on the homepage. Allure valuable customers towards your dining settlement through a tasteful menu and a beautiful website design.

 Template Information and Features

  • Home delivery widget
  • Separate page for ordering online and booking a table
  • RSVP for the events
  • Apps like photo editor and rollover image effects
  • The facility of online payment through PayPal
  • Featured icons
  1. Private Chef Template

A tempting template for all the private chefs of the bistros and restaurants to seduce the potential clients’ taste buds. Parallax scrolling, display of attractive video, and many other latest features have made private chef templates ready to go. Simply personalize the menus, images, and texts in style to promote your cooking expertise online.

 Template Information and Features

  • A blog to showcase your menus
  • Other badges of certification can also be uploaded
  • Hover boxes for ‘contact us’ and ‘about us’ pages
  • Copyright-free Wix images and videos
  • Attract customers by creating contests
  • Customized embedded codes
  1. Tapas Restaurant Template

It is a cosmopolitan and contemporary template website for the restaurant, café, and bar owners. If you have a hip restaurant or a bar, then increase the appetite of the customers by updating the menu and images. Launch your online site today with some discounts or offers and soar high to the sky.

 Template Information and Features

  • Large image galleries
  • Intuitive and sleek online order page
  • Upload video directly from YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion
  • Influential tools for SEO
  • Online member community feature
  • Smart forms, pop-ups, and widgets
  1. Chef Kitchen Template

Produce a website for your restaurant, catering service business, or cafes that will be as fresh as your ingredients. Update the menu to display your signature dishes, and upload images of the interior, food, and customers’ happy faces in detail to your website. Add various texts in stylish fonts and combine numerous colors to create a website that will be worthy of your culinary levels.

  Template Information and Features

  • Create groups for members with shared interests
  • Wix subscription feature
  • Display the location of your restaurant with Google Map
  • Customize your subscription and contact us form
  • View and organize the customers’ list for the evening
  • Check-in guests through various Wix app
  1. Farm to Table Venue Template

Are you a farmer selling organic, fresh, and fertilizer free vegetables and fruits to the organic restaurants, sustainable cafes, and organic markets? If yes, then this is the best template you can have to build your presence online. Through this theme, you can manage, edit, and add food and vegetable baskets with a click.

  Template Information and Features

  • Calendar to manage important and big events
  • Client only page can be created
  • Social community through forums
  • Faster checkout of payment through PayPal
  • Pricing plans for each organic food item
  • Save the customized design in Wix


With so many options for eating out and take away available in the market, it is important to offer the entire menu online to expand your restaurant business. Wix is a great platform to try any of the above templates and create a website for your eatery to attract more customers.

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