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Easy HTML Sitemap Plugin for WordPress

As the name suggest the Easy HTML Sitemap plugin lets you quickly add a HTML Sitemap to your wordpress wbesite

How to use the Plugin

Available Shortcode

  1. easy-html-sitemap To embed a sitemap in a page or a post. 

Attributes of easy-html-sitemap

(for Example)
Use Case
show_post_types page,post

These are the post types which you want to include in the sitemap. Default value is page.



If you want to display the Post Type Label. Default is yes. The label is wrapped in H2 tag by default
exclude 25,67

If you want to exclude specific posts from the sitemap then use the Exclude attribute. By default all posts are displayed.

yes If you want to open the sitemap links in new tab, then you can make use of this attribute. The default value is set as NO.
order_bypost_titleyou can sort the post order on basis of various parameters
orderdescDesfault value is asc. Supported values are ‘asc’ and ‘desc’

Here are the supported attributes

Feature Request

We would love to know your feedback. If you have a feature in mind, pls request it by filling this form here. We will try our best to implement your suggestions in future releases.

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