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HTML5 Responsive FAQ Plugin for WordPress

The HTML5 FAQ Plugin lets you quickly add a nice looking FAQ section on your wordpress website.


  • Use the shortcode [hrf_faqs]   to display a list of all FAQ posts on any page or post
  • Easily Add FAQ by navigating to the HTML5 FAQ Tab. The plugin registers a an FAQ custom post type which can be used to create category based FAQ’s
  • The FAQ category are same as that of post categories.
  • There are various settings which will let you customize the display of the FAQ. In near future we plan to release multiple FAQ display styles
  • It is possible to reorder the FAQ’s using any post reorder plugin

Request a Feature

If you think a feature is missing , then pls request a feature by filing the form below.

We are currently collecting feature request and will try our best to develop the most requested features

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